About Us



The group of fellow-orchid-growers has formed much earlier then the actual Society was established. It was founded by the very same passionate people – orchid growers. The idea of Society establishment has been already nurtured for a few years. Society was founded on 28th April, 2010.

The aims of the Society activities:

– to protect, explore and promote orchid (Orchidaceae) family plants in Lithuania and beyond its boarders;

– to unite the Society members – amateur and professionals – for the joint activities in order to help members share information, support each other and promote co-operation as well as expand their horizons;

– to represent members of the Society in international organizations of a similar nature, to mediate in the institutions and organizations of the Republic of Lithuania dealing with important issues, pleading legitimate interests of the Society members.

In pursuing its objectives the Society deals with these tasks:

– encourages the Society members – both amateur and professionals – to cooperate with each other, takes care of the Society members’ upskilling ;

– supports the Society’s members in scientific, nature conservation, educational and cultural activities;

– encourages members to explore and cultivate orchid (Orchidaceae) plants, with increased focus on species rather than hybrids, develop and document collections, propagate and distribute plants propagated under artificial conditions;

– actively participates in environmental activities in order to preserve Lithuanian orchid species and other rare plants in their natural habitats; advice on Lithuanian orchid plants’ protection and habitat management issues, encourages public to take part in these activities;

– takes part in expertise of identification of Lithuanian and foreign orchid (Orchidaceae) plants; advice on cultivation and propagation of tropical orchids and their hybrids;

– provides suggestions and advice on orchid plant entry / exit to / from the Republic of Lithuania, quarantine organization and CITES documentation issues;

– organizes lectures, seminars, thematic conferences, exhibitions, surveys, contests and other events intended for orchid (Orchidaceae) plants promotion, presentation of collections and research material;

– organizes scientific and sightseeing tours in order to get acquainted with and be able to research orchid (Orchidaceae) plants and their natural habitat in Lithuania and abroad;

– establishes and expands relationships with other similar organizations, educational institutions, orchids’ collectors and breeders abroad, represents its members in similar international organizations.

There are a few points from our activities, however the biggest and most important one is growing and collecting the orchids.

Our Society unites about 40 official members, however we have more than 600 like-minded persons.

Since orchids have become very popular indoor plants in Lithuania, the Society created its website along with forum for discussions where fellow-orchid-growers can share their experiences, joys, frustrations, discuss and solve various problems. Website:

The Society members communicate and maintain kind relationships with Lithuania Rose Growers’ Society, succulent and insectivorous plants growers. Along with our friends we organize exotic plant exhibitions, field trips, workshops, seminars.

Of course we keep in touch with similar organizations abroad. We have very nice relationship with Orchid and Exotics Plants Society of Latvia (LOEADA), we take part in each other’s exhibitions. We also communicate with orchid growers and breeders from Germany, Holland, Italy, Great Britain, Peru, Ecuador as well as visit orchid exhibitions organized in various European countries.

Lithuania Orchid Growers’ Society publishes magazine „ORCHIDĖJOS “ in which the articles on cultivation, history, news about orchid plants are covered. The magazine can be subscribed.

Although so far we are small in numbers yet every single person here is friendly and fun to be and share the passion with. We are determined to broaden knowledge and promote the cultivation of orchid plants. One of the Society objectives is to acquaint the general public with orchid species naturally growing in Lithuania. There are 36 species found in Lithuanian woods, fields, marches. Some of them are small and difficult to spot, others quite large and impressive, unfortunately all the species are endangered. Therefore the members of Lithuanian Orchid Growers’ Society are determined to help in preserving these exceptional plants.

Anyone willing to become a member can simply join the Society, the only criteria are the following: the person must be not less than 18 years old , be interested in orchid plants, approve activities of the Society, be active and willing to communicate and there is no need to be experienced in orchid growing or possess a huge collection. If you want to find friends, communicate, share your thoughts, have a good time, exchange plants, participate in expeditions, etc., you are welcome to join us!