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We kindly welcome you in our website, home of  Lithuania Orchid Growers’ Society!

Lithuania Orchid Growers’ Society brings together those who grow and are interested in orchids. If you are fascinated by usual blossoms of Phalaenopsis, attracted by species of Orchidaceae family or you are interested in variety of Lithuanian orchids – you are welcome to visit, share your passion and knowledge, actively participate in the forum discussions.

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One of the biggest and most visited orchid forums in Lithuania.

There is an extensive knowledge stored on The Orchid Society of Lithuania forum where the experienced and new orchid growers share their knowledge about growing orchids.

We invite you to participate and share your experience with us.


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The Orchid Society of Lithuania – is a large group of people who simply love orchids. We encourage the cultivation and study of orchids for beginners and experts. We provide the opportunity to expand your knowledge in growing orchids, visiting and/or participating in a local and international orchid shows, visiting the local habitats of the wild Lithuanian orchids. You will have an opportunity to meet orchid growers who will share their orchid growing knowledge and experience.

More information about how to join The Orchid Society of Lithuania you can find here

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